What is it? Answers XLIX

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

254. Turns-Counting dial

255. Wagon wheel wrench, used to remove the axle nuts from a buggy or wagon, and the handle could also be used as the pin for the tongue.

256. Typewriter jig. This tool is used for alignment in the process of soldering a typeface to a typebar. First remove a typebar that is next to the one that needs a typeface soldered to it. Place it in the tool and adjust it to fit that typebar. Remove that typebar and insert the one that needs the new typeface. Position the typeface on the typebar and add solder.

The typebar from my typewriter is too small for this jig, it's not long enough to be secured on the left end.

257. Bottle opener, patented November 7, 1933

258. Knife sharpener

259. Handcuff key